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Hirudotherapy - All About Blood Pressure

XXI century is a time to return to the naturopathic methods of treatment and prevention, and have proven themselves over the millennia. One such method is hirudotherapy to help cope with various diseases.

Healing leeches’ person uses more than two millennia. Individual doctors Pharaohs used this method to cure his “divine” patients.

In nature, there are about 400 species of leeches. And only the medicinal leech and its two subspecies – chemist and medical – are used in medical practice. Medical leech – this annelid length about 12 cm. Medicinal leech have 5 pairs of eyes, 3 toothed jaws at the ends of which open the ducts of salivary glands. Medicinal leech lives in fresh water in Europe and Asia.

Leech saliva contains hirudin, which prevents the clotting of blood, so the wound, cut its jaws, long bleed. The very same leech digests obtained blood for up to two years. Therapeutic effect of leeches on the human body consists of a reflex, mechanical and biological factors.

Leech can suck up to 15-18 ml of blood. To date, there are about 80 biologically active substances, which shares with the leech man. Leeches possess anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, vasodilator, hypotensive, immunostimulant, sedative, analgesic and absorbing the influence (of more than 30 therapeutic effects).

During the session Hirudotherapy important to relax, so that nothing prevented the normal flow of blood. Therefore, to sit (or lie) that the maximum comfortable position. Leeches are recommended to be put into acupuncture points. During the session Hirudotherapy leeches put (depending on the disease) on the projection zones of suffering bodies – the region of the heart, liver, along the affected vessels or nerves. Pain with virtually no – you feels tingling, as if sting and after 15 seconds starts to act natural anesthesia, which provides the saliva of leeches. Since there is a risk transfer with the blood of serious diseases (hepatitis, AIDS, etc.), there are certain requirements that must comply with all Hirudotherapy security method. To do this, leeches obtained from a special farm, with supporting certificates, leeches are used once and must be disposed of after the session, which eliminates the risk of possible infection.

Besides the cures a specific disease, leeches are beneficial to the organism as a whole. By improving blood flow and oxygen supply to the tissues and organs improves sleep, activates metabolism, improves immunity, usually stabilizes blood pressure, and even improves mood. Thanks Hirudotherapy we can be treated and healthier so simple and natural method, without risk of side effects. Now leeches are successfully treated many gynecological, urological, neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

Leeches are an excellent job with increased blood viscosity, a violation of venous and lymphatic drainage, varicose veins and blood clots, trophic ulcers, hypertension, headaches, hemorrhoids, inflammation of local and systemic in nature.
There are also a number of diseases for which treatment is prescribed leeches as accompanying therapy: systemic atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, allergies, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, acute and chronic gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, etc. In these cases Hirudotherapy not being the main treatment, reduces the amount of the synthetic drugs.

Hirudotherapy method is contraindicated in hemophilia, low blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia, cancer, pregnancy and children up to 7 years.

Hirudotherapy shall appoint a physician after a thorough examination. Leeches can cure only a highly qualified expert; moreover, he must undergo special training. Self-medication in this case is invalid because of incorrect choice of points for setting its own complications.

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