Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Modern biochemistry has been able to point many Active Substances in the Leech Saliva.

HIRUDIN is responsible for inhibiting blood coagulation & increasing the activity of white blood cells. During the blood-drawing process it is of course necessary to keep the wound open and the blood from clotting.

CALIN also inhibits blood coagulation. Following the "fast" Hirudin, Calin is responsible for a slow cleansing of the wound by maintaining secondary-bleeding for approximately another 12 hours, again depending on the individual patient. This is what is referred to as the well known gentle blood-letting.

HYALURONIDASE the spreading factor, does its job in the meantime: the path is cleared for the active and healing substances to penetrate. It is a substance analogous to histamine (it could possibly also be acetylcholin) that has a dilatating effect on the blood vessels and hereby causes the blood to stream to the bite location.

EGLINES possess, amongst other assets, antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory) properties.

ORGELASE, a bactericide that accelerates the blood flow and lyphatic system.

APYRASE, inhibits platelet aggregation.

BDELLIN & COLLAGENASE also inhibit blood coagulation by means of utilising different mechanisms. Furthermore some of these substances have anti-inflammatory and other additional effects.

DESTABILASE & PIYAVIT & other substances round-off the natural composition of active agents.


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