Saturday, September 27, 2008

Commercial Leech Farming in China

Kekang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is the biggest company in China that industrialize extraction of natural hirudin market. They use Hirudinaria Manillensis as raw material to extract natural hirudin. Crude hirudin is firstly extracted repeatedly from living Hirudinaria Manillensis by using a self-owned patented technology and then purified to obtain refined natural hirudin. As a result, it takes the lead to realize the industrialization of hirudin in domestic market. As the most potent natural anticoagulant known up to now, hiirudin has been proved to exert a strong effect on prevention and cure of cardiocerebral vascular disease. In view of these virtues, hirudin has been used widely in medical, cosmetics and healthcare food industries and has great market potential.

Natural hirudin is widely used in cosmetics and healthcare foods in China. The sales amount hit 60 billion Yuan for 2003, increasing at an average rate of 15% annually. Experts have made a prediction that the sales amount of cosmetics in China will reach 100 billion Yuan by the year 2010. With the improvement of people’s living standard, requirement for the quality of cosmetics become higher and higher, making it gradually become the mainstream of market the cosmetics that contain natural elements. Healthcare industry is a worldwide sun-rise industry, and the market develops very fast. While in 1984 domestic consuming amount for healthcare products was only 2.0 billion Yuan, in 1990 it hit 10.0 billion Yuan. While in 1994 it was only 30.0 billion Yuan, in 1999 it hit 45.0 billion Yuan.

By 2003, it hit a breakthrough of 50.0 billion Yuan, finishing up 52.0 billion Yuan. That turns out to become a new growth of China’s industry in the new century. The core technologies of the project —repetitious extraction technology of hirudin from the living object of hirudinaria manillensis, technology of artificially breeding hirudinaria manillensis and renovated technology of hirudin products series, have been developed technologies with the company’s exclusive and independent intellectual property right, first of its kind at home. Applications for the following technologies have been submitted for the national patents for invention: the breeding method of hirudinaria manillensis and the extraction technique of hirudin (paten number: 031135668); hirudin extract cosmetics and its preparation method (paten number: 03140487.1). Generally speaking, the project has a mature technology and has begun mass production of the products.

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